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Striving Towards Transcendence

All creative effort can be judged by the standard of whether or not it lends itself to a vision of human life that transcends the mundane gray world of mere unreflective existence. I believe humankind to be the proper goal and measure of an artist’s work. I feel that I’m painting something worthwhile only to the extent that it glorifies mankind’s existence in a worthy manner. I share da Vinci’s encompassing embrace of life and have a great regard for any work of creation that elevates the humanity we share – whether a Dusenberg or the Taj Mahal. Several of my paintings brought me great satisfaction. One of these displays a curious tableau focusing on the head of Albert Einstein. All over and around Einstein’s head people from all walks of life – soldiers, lawyers, doctors, poets – are examining Einstein’s mind, ostensibly seeking knowledge for understanding the universe and dealing with questions that humans have been asking since the dawn of time.


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Tyler William Weber

Bill Weber a.k.a. El Gallo